My husband Santosh Saligram, a staunch tiger-devotee, is also one who is a keen observer of all things human and humorous, too. And this witty piece of writing is a testimony to that.


A large part of why I love Bandhavgarh is the people who work in the park as naturalists and drivers, and their unique vocabulary that is punctuated with imaginative and funny idioms. Read this if you don’t want to be as clueless as a kangaroo in Alaska on your first visit.

1. भगोडा / भगोड़ी

Transliteration:Bhagoda (male) / Bhagodi (female)
Structuralidentity:Common noun of an uncommon nature
Effective import:Shy animal (usually tiger)

It is perfectly natural for a tiger to be shy of vehicles,and exceedingly hard to even sight, let alone photograph in peace.

Not in Bandhavgarh. One of the exceptions to the maxim published above, Bandhavgarh is a divine abode to tigers that are inexplicably bold and given to exhibiting natural behaviour even in peak traffic.

Intriguingly, therefore, they don’t mind doing a lot of the things they do in their daily…

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