A poem of mine shared by a lovely newsletter

Glad to see one of my poems being published in The Floral Dispatch. Lovers of flowers, lovers of poetry, if you wish to read, here’s my thanks in advance. 😊 https://thefloraldispatch.substack.com/p/the-floral-dispatch1-flowers-x-creativity?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=email


Michelangelo, you maverick!

My stomach churns reading about everything he accomplished in one lifetime. He is Il Divino (the divine one) as they call him indeed. Who cares about the religious fervour of the time when a human could create all that he did, and of such scale and magnificence and prolificacy. Painful, painful. Haunting.

Some Indian this, some Italian that.

Some ancient Indian statues (ex: Channakeshava) of god-dudes, goddess-dudettes brim with the beauty of painfully intricate detail. Although mostly human-like, the exaggerated details (for ex, four hands) make them more “god”-like gods (humble personal opinion). On the other hand, look at this reclining bearded god. Utterly human-like, except for the scale. Marforio, duuuude! Could you BE more glorious! These Italians and their sculptures with all those realistic veins. Ugh, nauseatingly beautiful. Every style inspires so hauntingly differently. We’re lucky to simply behold all this art. (an Alamy photo)

Kaziranga. Gorgeousness.

Half a minute of ancience, of the Kaziranga silence from half a year ago. Away from the human din, the world is full of forgiveness and beauty, and baboon calls (which started resounding the Forest the minute I stopped making this clip😄).

Such a refreshing break from being politically correct

A brilliant conversation here. No unresearched rage or drama, no pathetic haste to be politically correct. Just logically sound discussion not diluted by any agenda whatsoever. ‘12 Rules For Life’ is one of those rare core-shaking books, despite the disagreements you could have with Dr. Prof. Dr. Jordan Peterson. And goodness, Russell’s arguments hold such warmth even when they’re seeped in logical complexities. We need conversations that seek truth, please.

For the love of making and preserving memories

The romance of film/prints is an eternal thing. Revisiting photos that have so lovingly preserved our birthday-travel ritual as the city soaks in a soft drizzle (finally making a scrapbook). The human world is so troubled and so tender and is full of misery and magnificence. There is so much to see – the beautiful and the broken. And there is all the non-human world we so often stray away from. Why is life so painfully short for all the needs of seekers of beauty and truth? And when we go, where do the memories outside of us go?

Himalayan Aves #55: Darjeeling woodpecker

if the scariest places are within
so are the safest
in the soft warmth of the morning sun
when the ocean-churnings in you aren’t raging yet
you see two Darjeeling woodpeckers nosedive
a suddenness to startle you
a reminder to wake you to alivenesses
which exist outside of our convenient apathies
the woodpeckers show up on a tree-bark again
there are always hearts outside of you to make you come alive

Himalayan Aves #54: Long-tailed broadbill

for some of us, loves are not polite secrets
for some of us, love is loud and reckless
there are avian friends, like long-tailed broadbills
who enable such a force in us that defies all constructs

it is an honour, to thus admire anything at all
to unabashedly celebrate another form of existence
like it is an absolute necessity, like the very air

these searingly sincere non-human loves
throbbing with novelty
make you spill yourself into the world
spill onto these pages as poetry
poetry that preserves
not only the muse but also the poet herself

this is how eternity plunges into moments
and moments make room for eternity

A decade since I moved to Bengaluru for my first full-time job with an MNC!

Holy mother of all that’s good and pure, it’s been exactly 10 years since my first full-time job in Bengaluru! A girl from my lovely, laidback MYsooru, I was mesmerised by the chaotic cultural shock that Bengaluru brought me. After a darn DECADE, I cannot believe just how much life has changed! There wouldn’t be a single thing I’d change if I had to do it all over again! All the heartbreak, learning and little triumphs. More than anything, leaving the MNC and slowly but steadily journeying towards being a (professional?) writer. Just spoke to some of my colleagues from that first job whom I dearly  love and respect! There is going to be a reunion and i can’t wait! Damn, it’s been a good life! I’ll probably make a video full of nostalgia about this! Aaaaaaa, I’m so excited!